Cim-Tek 70010 Fuel Pump Filter

50 Ltrs Per Min (10µ)

Cim-Tek Particle Pump Fuel Filter

About the product

This Cim-Tek Fuel Filter is designed for installing on the outlet of a pumping system to remove debris and particles from the fuel. Cim-Tek fuel filters are an industry-leading brand made in America known for its high-quality and reliable fuel filters.  The fuel tank filter element  is constructed from resin coated paper, which is house within a spin on cartridge that is easy to replace when the element becomes full.

Cim-Tek 70010 fuel tank filter element is supplied alone, with the compatible filter head available to buy separately (see accessories table).


Features of the Cim-Tek 70010 Fuel Filter Element:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTH1804 Cim-Tek 70010 Fuel Filter – Particle 10 Micron Particle Filter
Paper Filter
Application - Pump
Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 50
£16.25 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
CTH1801 Filter Head
£28.8000 ex. VAT