Brass BSPT Hose Tail

1/2" to 2" M BSPT

Brass BSPT Hose Tail

About the product

The Brass BSPT Hose Tail is available in a range of different thread sizes. These hose tails can also be used on hoses with inner diameters from 12mm up to 50mm, making them a versatile fitting.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OE0037 Brass BSPT 1⁄2" M x 12mm Hose Tail Brass Body
1/2" M BSPT
1/2" / 12mm
£2.55 ex. VAT
OE0036 Brass BSPT 3⁄4" M x 19mm Hose Tail Brass Body
3/4" M BSPT
3/4" / 19mm
£5.30 ex. VAT
OE0035 Brass BSPT 1" M x 25mm Hose Tail Brass Body
1"/ 25 mm
£6.75 ex. VAT
OE0078 Brass BSPT 1 1⁄2" M x 38mm Hose Tail Brass Body
1 1/2" M BSPT
1 1/2"/ 38 mm
£19.30 ex. VAT
OE0081 Brass BSPT 2" BSPT M x 50mm Hose Tail Brass Body
2"/ 50 mm
£18.90 ex. VAT