Aquafighter Snake Fuel Tank Water Absorber

For industrial machines, boats and genset belly tanks

Aquafighter Snake Fuel Tank Water Absorber Aquafighter Snake Fuel Tank Water Absorber in Package Aquafighter in use Before and After

About the product

The Aquafighter Snake is a fuel tank water absorber designed to remove both free and suspended/emulsified water from fuel tanks of industrial machines, boats, and fuel storage tanks with small openings such as generator belly tanks.

The increase of bio content in fuel means that there is a rising issue associated with water contamination and microbial growth, which is responsible for a nasty sludge that blocks filters, damages equipment, corrodes engines and causes poor fuel efficiency. The Aquafighter water absorber eliminates these problems by reducing the water content levels down to 75ppm to meet the EN590 diesel fuel standards (200ppm), saving you costly damage and downtime. The diesel tank water absorber not only absorbs free water like other solutions on the market but also separates and captures the suspended and emulsified water in the fuel, which often gets left to cause serious damage to your vehicles and equipment. 

By working in this way, the Aquafighter Snake fuel tank water absorber provides numerous benefits including preventing diesel bug from forming, reducing filter replacement and need for tank cleaning and protecting the tank from corrosion. 

Understand more about the problem of water in your fuel and Aquafighter as a complete solution here.

Please note: If this is your first time using Aquafighter, we recommend buying 2 units. The first can be added to absorb the current water, which may become full quickly if there is a large problem with water. The second to be added once the other has been removed to act as a prevention against future water content.

Features of the Aquafighter Snake Diesel Tank Water Absorber: 

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
AQU999026 Aquafighter Snake 999.026 Fuel Tank Water Absorber Size: 50cm x 4cm

Absorbs up to 500ml

For fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 500litres and with openings between 3.8cm and 9cm.

Suitable for diesel, kerosene, biofuel and heating oil

Reduce water level down to 75ppm to meet the EN590 diesel fuel standards
£82.70 ex. VAT