Apollo Smart Heating Oil Tank Gauge c/w Low Level Alarm

Ultrasonic (For oil heating)

Apollo Smart Oil Tank Gauge

About the product

The Apollo Smart Oil Tank Gauge is a combined tank level indicator and low level oil tank alarm designed for domestic heating applications. It comprises of two aspects; a transmitter that fits on the tank with a local level display, and a receiver that plugs into a wall socket inside the property for a convenient reading so that the user doesn't have to go outside to check. The integrated oil tank alarm sounds when the oil level reaches a low status to alert the user that they need a fuel delivery, as well as sounding if the tank contents drop suddenly indicating a potential theft.

The Apollo Smart has a number of handy features available for the user’s easy viewing on the receiver display. Fuel consumption is monitored and displayed in litres and cost by day, week, month or year, which is also used to estimate the number of days until the tank is empty. This function ensures that the home owner can always arrange a fuel delivery before their tank runs out. The Apollo Smart heating oil tank gauge also provides the user with a room temperature reading and CO2 emission data.

Features of the Apollo Smart Oil Tank Level Gauge:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
APUOLMSMART Apollo Smart Heating Oil Tank Gauge c/w Low Level Alarm Remote Display: LCD - 10 Step
Tank Height (mm): 500-3000
Tank Fitting: 32mm
Low Level Alarm
Any fluids
£212.80 ex. VAT