Angled Fuel Tank Fill Point

2" M BSP

Angled Fuel Tank Fill Point

About the product

The angled fuel tank fill point, which comes with a mounting bracket and drip cap, enables the filling of large tanks to be a simple and easy process. As they are installed into the tank, these fill points are commonly purchased by fuel storage tank manufacturers.

This 2” female threaded fill point is comprised of a non return valve, a four hole mounting bracket designed to fit on pre-existing 6mm lugs, lever ball valve and a custom welded 45 degree threaded fitting. There is only a very small amount of disconnect dripping from this fill point, due to the fuel being held in the 45 degree fitting.

Features of the Angled Fuel Tank Fill Point:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
FP002 Angled Standard 2" Fill Point c/w Cap & Bracket Tank fitting inlet -2" M BSP
Outlet - 2" F BSP
Length (mm) - 390
Height (mm) - 200
£197.10 ex. VAT