Angle Fuel Filter

Particle Filter (100 Micron)

Angle Fuel Filter

About the product

The Angle Fuel Filter is designed to protect the inlet side of a pumping installation with its washable, removable wire mesh filter element and flanged connections. However, this particle filter also helps to change the inlet/outlet orientation, reduce the obstruction size of a 90º connection and act as a spillback device/line priming device to reduce system pressure. The model with the integrated spill back/line priming system does not come with a fuel filter as standard, as these are designed to be installed within an installation after the primary filtration.

Features of the Angle Filter:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
8950 Angle Filter Housing c/w Filter Mesh 100 micron filter
1" F BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet
Outlet Groove Seal
£24.80 ex. VAT
R12348000 Angle Filter Housing c/w Priming Device 1" F BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet
Outlet Groove Seal
Inlet Groove Seal
2m x 8mm Tubing
£108.35 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
R08904000 Wire Mesh Filter Element Only
£4.1500 ex. VAT