Aluminium Tank Vent Cowl Flameproof Screen

1 1/2" or 2" F BSP

Aluminium Vent Cowl with Flameproof Screen

About the product

The Aluminium Fuel Tank Vent Cowl with Flameproof Screen is designed to fit over the male thread on the top of an above group storage tank or breather riser on an underground tank. The integrated flameproof screen makes it suitable for use on storage tanks containing flammable liquids. These vent cowls have a dual female thread that fit both a 1 1/2” or a 2” male thread.

Features of the Oil Tank Vent Cowl with Flameproof Screen:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OAB3191 Dual Thread Flameproof Fuel Tank Vent Cowl Body - Aluminium
1 1/2" F BSP and 2" F BSP
Flameproof screen
£38.75 ex. VAT