Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter

Particle (180 micron)

Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter

About the product

The Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter is constructed from heavy duty aluminium and has an incorporated stainless steel basket strainer. It is a 180 micron inline filter, fitted with a bottom drain plug to easily remove the collection of impurities which have been filtered out. This diesel particle filter, also suitable for biodiesel up to B30, has a maximum flow rate of 300lpm and a maximum pressure of 6.5 bar.

Features of the Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2311 Alloy Diesel Bowl Filter 180 Micron Particle Filter
Inlet/Outlet – 1 1/2” F BSPT
Max Pressure – 6.5 bar
Heating oil, diesel and B30
£320.00 ex. VAT