AdBlue™ Tank Level Alarm Probe

For high and low level

High Viscosity Fluid Tank Level Alarm Probe

About the product

This single tank level alarm probe is designed for use with the CTS tank alarms to alert of a high or low level on tanks containing fluids with a high viscosity or containing debris. The primary use of this level switch is for use on tanks those containing liquids that crystallise such as on AdBlue™ tank alarms as due to being encapsualted, it cuts off reliably even when crystallised. A weight can be attached to the cable at any desired length to adjust the switching height.

The standard code for the tank alarm level probe is designed for use on steel tanks. Please see the accessories table for the kit required to adapt it for plastic tanks. 

Features of the AdBlue™ Tank Alarm Probe:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SWS1038AB AdBlue Tank Level Alarm Probe Alerts - High and Low
Cable - 5m PVC
Temperature - 0°c - +60°c
Connection - 1 1/2" F BSP Plastic Cap
For AdBlue
£101.10 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
SWS1036 Plastic Tank Kit - For Single Probe Kit for using a probe on a plastic rather than steel tank Steel, flat, round plate 1 x Grommet
£11.7000 ex. VAT
SWS1009 Extra Alarm Cable Per Metre Per Metre
£2.4500 ex. VAT