Piusi Access 85 Fuel Tank Security System

Retrofit (Up to 85 users)

Piusi Access 85 Fuel Tank Security System Access 85 Fuel Management System Access 85 in use

About the product

The Piusi Access 85 fuel tank security system is a pump control, which limits access to a tank’s fuel to up to 85 authorised magnetic key holders only (the number of keys required need to be purchased separately - see accessories table). These users need to be set up with a manager key. Being simple and compact in design, the Access 85 can be used on new tank installation and as a retrofit to existing fue storage tank installations.

The Piusi system incorporates an emergency stop button, an adjustable timed delivery feature and low level control functions to protect from dry running. The Access 85 fuel security unit is a cost effective method of controlling access to the fuel in your tank, when the transaction reporting of fuel management systems is not required.

Features of the Access 85 Fuel Pump Control System:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00702000 Access 85 Fuel Security Pump Controller 230v
85 Users
Fuel Level Probe Input
£179.50 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
R15904000 10 Yellow User Keys
Pack of 10 user keys
£175.2500 ex. VAT
R12496 Manager Key
£70.2500 ex. VAT
F0075510D Ocio Tank Level Gauge 230v - Any Fluids
£446.4000 ex. VAT