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Police warn homeowners using heating oil of thieves targeting local area

Sun, October 12, 2014 - 4:12:00

Lincolnshire Police are warning homeowners who use heating oil to be extra cautious after four incidents of heating oil being stolen have happened over the past week in Brant Broughton and Bassingham. The four incidents were all reported to police over a period of seven days.

The police are asking locals to be on the lookout for any suspicious behaviour due to the colder weather, meaning heating oil users are likely to start having their tanks filled. Anyone who thinks they may have seen or heard anything suspicious or out of the ordinary is asked to contact them on 101, or they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The Fuel Security Monitor offers a security guide for people with heating oil tanks, giving them tips and advice on how to make sure their tank is safe and secure. Advice includes keeping the tank out of sight to anybody passing by, and to create obstacles to make it tricky for people who attempt stealing your fuel. The guide also suggests adding fuel gauges and tank alarms for extra security. To view the guide, click here.

Data sourced on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 from the Granham Journal website. For more information go to the Fuel Security Monitor website and have a look at the Heating Oil Security Guide, or visit our Twitter page for more information @FuelSecurityMon.