Where is the AdBlue™ market going?

Tue, June 04, 2013 - 2:01:00

Where is the AdBlue™ market going?

Some may have been dealing with AdBlue™ for the last few years, whereas some may have just heard whispers of this new fluid. However, it is now clear that AdBlue™ is an inevitable part of the fuel market, which sooner or later we all need to know about!

AdBlue™ is the registered trademark for AUS32; a solution used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce vehicle diesel exhaust emissions in order to meet European standards.

Currently, AdBlue™ is required by the majority of heavy duty diesel vehicles purchased after October 2006. The initial wave in the AdBlue™ market covered heavy goods vehicles including trucks and lorries, which is the area where AdBlue™ is presently most prominent. However, the Euro Emission Standards are making Adblue™ a much more widespread requirement with the latest growth market being agricultural machinery.

Tractor manufacturers including Fendt, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Case and Valmet are now employing SCR technology in their machinery, which has seen a sharp rise in sales of agricultural AdBlue™ tanks and portable AdBlue™ pump equipment for “in-the-field” refuelling.

Euro VI – what does this mean for the AdBlue™ market?

With the introduction of the Euro VI next year, the market for AdBlue™ is predicted to grow even further, as construction and plant equipment, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will then also be subject to strict emission guidelines. Some luxury car manufacturers are already utilising SCR technology to make their engines conform to these standards including Audi, Volkswagen and BMW.

Passenger cars are not expected to use great amounts of AdBlue™, and it is predicted that cars with average mileage will only need to refill their tanks during their annual service. Car garages are therefore likely to be another area where demand for AdBlue™ will grow over the next couple of years. 

AdBlue™ is also becoming more readily available at the forecourt; with many service stations stocking 10litre cans of AdBlue™ and some forecourts including Total, ESSO and BP even having it at the pump. 

Without doubt, AdBlue™ and AdBlue™ pump equipment is a growth area, and more and more fuel distributors are starting to supply it alongside their fuels and lubricants. It has also proven a great source of business for tank manufacturers who are starting to see a rise in AdBlue™ tank sales, as more fleets are being replaced with vehicles using SCR technology.

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