The Piusi Filtroll - Product of the Month for October

Mon, October 03, 2016 - 7:39:00

The Filtroll – a portable filtration unit from Piusi, used for extracting fuel and removing impurities before dispensing – the third edition of our ‘product of the month’ campaign.

The Piusi Filtroll Filtration Unit is a double filtration impurity remover, for mobile use which provides filtration for diesel by absorbing any water or particle impurities found within the fuel.

Benefitting from a two stage filtration process, a sturdy trolley with large wheels - for easy transportation over uneven ground, and an incorporated drip tray to prevent mess and environmental damage.

This fuel filtration unit has two application examples:

1 – If there’s a possibility that your fuel could be contaminated, the Piusi Filtroll can be used to extract fuel from the tank/drum/IBC and filter it before directly dispensing into the vehicle that needs to be refuelled.

2 – The Filtroll can be used during tank servicing to extract, filter and recirculate the fuel within the container, to ensure that the stored fuel is free of contaminants for future use.

Further benefits of the Filtroll include:

• 4m suction hose with locking Vantage foot valve and strainer – to prevent diesel leaking out of the suction hose when unit is not in use

• 4m delivery hose and hose holder – for compact storage

• c/w industry leading Italian manufactured Panther 56 diesel pump

• c/w Self 3000 manual nozzle & nozzle support

• Other models available: 12v diesel version and 230v oil and diesel version