Rising heating oil prices - what can you do?

Tue, July 09, 2013 - 3:50:00

In this boiling weather (that we are for once experiencing in the UK!) it is easy to forget about the need for heating oil. However, unfortunately the weather won’t last, and soon we will all be wanting to put our heating on again. Domestic heating oil prices have risen to their highest level since the beginning of June of this year, so consumers need to act to save money!

There are a number of tips that domestic oil tank owners should consider in order to save themselves money:

•    Consider fuel security methods including oil tank locks, fuel tank alarms and the position of your tank to ensure you are not subject to theft. There’s nothing worse than paying to replace something you haven’t even used!

•    Ensure that your fuel tank is a quality constructed, bunded tank. That way, the loss of oil through a tank leak is minimal, and even in the unlikely event that the inner tank does leak, the bund will catch the oil.

•    Consider buying your heating oil supplies in bulk, or participating in a ‘community oil buying scheme. These collective purchasing efforts where local homeowners put together to buy large quantities of oil can save a lot of money.

•    Consider filling your heating oil tank in the summer when prices are usually at their lowest thanks to the lower demand in the warmer weather. Thinking ahead will ensure that you don’t end up paying the higher oil prices when people start turning on their heating again in the winter months.

•    Avoid the Christmas rush!!! Prices are highest here due to the rapid increase in demand and emergency purchases during the shutdown period.