Remote Tank Level Monitoring - A Solution

Thu, September 20, 2012 - 11:09:00

October's newsletter focuses on a problem that can be experienced by remote heating oil tank owners, in particular holiday home owners. For these, running out of heating oil may go much further beyond the inconvenience of having a cold shower. In the winter months when it is likely that the holiday home or cottage may be unoccupied, running out of heating oil may result in pipes around the house freezing and consequently bursting. 

New from Centre Tank Services is the GSM Tank Level Text Alerter oil tank monitor. This unit can be set up to text the tank owner when their heating oil supplies have hit an idividually configured "low level", thus alerting them that they need to order more fuel without physically having to go and check. Thanks to its double probe, the Text Alerter can also have an additionally configured input at "half full". Using these together, the tank owner can be alerted of a sudden drop in the heating oil level if two texts are sent very close together, which may indicate a theft or leak in the tank. 

The GSM Text Alerter however is an ideal product for so many more markets and uses

   - If one of the probes are configured to a "high level", generator owners who have a brick bund around their tank can be alerted that the bund needs to be relieved of rain water

   - Similarly, it would let the owner of a remote waste oil collection tank know that it needs emptying (this infact was an enquiry we had from a little, unheard of company called Burger King!!)

   - Tanks left unattended at night on construction sites and quarries may also benefit from the sudden drop in fuel level alert.

   - Haulage and transport companies that refuel on a remote site away from the office, can use it to alert them that they need to refill their diesel tanks