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Fri, October 14, 2016 - 12:59:00

Ultra Compact Fuel Tank Valve

In the UK, it’s common for most domestic oil tanks to have a traditional filter assembly fitted, meaning that the isolation valve is not the first component screwed onto the tank. Whilst this is currently the standard industry practice, a new solution has been developed to overcome some of the issues associated with the generic oil tank filter kits.

Some of the issues associated with the traditional filter assemblies are as follows:

Issue 1 – If a tank owner’s filter kit gets damaged, corroded or the seals fail, it’s a no brainer that it will need to be replaced.  In order to replace the filter assembly, the tanks contents will need to be emptied by an engineer and pumped back in once the kit has been fitted – a time consuming task which could take hours!

The solution – By installing the Ultra Compact Fuel Tank Valve, the process of replacing a filter assembly will become much easier, as the tanks contents don’t need to be completely drained in order to replace it. Not only does the Ultra Compact Valve ensure reliability and being a ‘future proof’ product for the tank owner, it will also only take an engineer 5 minutes to install as a retro-fit. By taking such little time to install, it will save you potentially hours in future pump outs!

Issue 2 – As the isolation point is in the middle of the assembly, if somebody trips over it could potentially break the kit before the isolation point and cause the oil to drain out, causing pollution and clean-up costs.

The solution – The Ultra Compact Valve benefits from instant isolation provision (which is directly connected to the tank), minimising the chance of spillages and pollution incidents.

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