Product Focus: A natural shift in the AdBlue™ pump

Tue, February 09, 2016 - 4:44:00

Piusi Self Service MC AdBlue Management System

A natural shift in AdBlue™ dispensing

It has been ten years since the implementation of Euro IV; the regulations that saw the use of AdBlue™ to reduce diesel emissions of heavy duty vehicles. As the decade went on, we saw more and more vehicles being replaced with new models that now had to make use of the emission reducing technology, to the point where now, most fleets of lorries, buses and coaches are almost entirely made up of those using AdBlue™. The increase in use of AdBlue™ has naturally seen a shift in the type of equipment used to refill such vehicles.

In the early days when a transport manager may only have had their newest truck requiring AdBlue™, it wasn’t always worth investing in an electric AdBlue™ dispenser. Although it would have made the process a cleaner, quicker and an all-round less fiddly job, it came at a cost that often made pouring the fluid into the vehicle straight out of a plastic container the preferred option. However, as more vehicles were replaced and the proportion of vehicles in a fleet that need AdBlue™ grew, the demand for electric pumps grew simultaneously.

The Piusi Self Service MC AdBlue™ Management System

Today, AdBlue™ is just another overhead like the diesel itself that transport managers need to monitor. With some cars even now using the fluid, making sure that not just anyone can fill up their vehicle with the company’s AdBlue™ is something that needs to be considered. For this exact reason, the Piusi Self Service MC AdBlue Management System was developed.

The AdBlue™ Self Service MC is a complete dispensing unit with pump, digital meter for an easy indication on how much has been dispensed, hose, automatic nozzle with breakaway spout mechanism, pump start/stop holster and filter. As well as providing a quick, clean and simple refilling process, this AdBlue™ dispenser provides and security and monitoring functionality just like a traditional fuel management system. The AdBlue™ pump will only dispense when an authorised user is verified by pin code or electronic key to prevent just anyone from using the AdBlue™. It also locally holds the last 255 refilling transactions including who used what quantity and when, to allow the transport manager to keep note of the company’s AdBlue™ consumption and check that there is no unusual activity.