Prevent Costly AdBlue Miss-filling

Mon, December 19, 2016 - 4:31:00

Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle

Prevent the costly miss-filling of AdBlue into a diesel tank with the Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle with magnetic spout - Product of the Month for January 2017!

The Piusi SB325 AdBlue nozzle with magnetic spout has been designed to prevent the miss-filling of AdBlue into Diesel tanks. Over the past couple of years there has been a rise in vehicles needing to be refilled with both Diesel and AdBlue and as a result, the number of drivers whom have mistakenly put AdBlue into the Diesel tank has also increased. AdBlue is incompatible with the materials found within the fuel system and the fluid corrodes the internal pipework and components, therefore making it a costly mistake to fix if mistakenly put into the wrong tank – which can sometimes cost thousands of pounds!

For more in-depth details on the problems and solutions of this issue we have a detailed information page for you to read in our info hub – please click here.

Thanks to the magnetic spout on the Piusi SB325 AdBlue nozzle, the AdBlue will only be released when a magnetic adaptor* is found inside the fill point – which can be seen if you look directly inside of the fuel point. A diesel tank won't have one of these adaptors in and therefore means that you'll be unable to dispense AdBlue into that tank!

So don't risk making the costly mistake and beginning 2017 with a huge pay out – purchase the Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle and refill your AdBlue tank with ease and confidence!

*Most new vehicles will have a magnet fitted within the AdBlue fill point as standard, but if it doesn't we can supply you with one to retrofit. (Part code: F15165000)