Now Available - The Double Diaphragm Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

Thu, July 31, 2014 - 11:48:00

Double Diaphragm Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

In June we informed you of our extended range of hand fuel pumps, the good news is, this is still expanding. We have recently added the diaphragm hand fuel transfer pump to our already large range.

This new hand fuel pump is ideal for situations where a power source is not easily accessible. Highly versatile, this fuel hand pump can be utilised with a variety of fluids, which allows the user to make the most out of their manual fuel hand transfer pump, being able to utilise it for more than one fuel.

Complete with a telescopic down tube, nozzle and bung adapter, this diesel hand pump can be easily attached to a drum or container. Thanks to its fitted wire mesh screen, this new addition to our range benefits from large particle filtration.