Now Available – ST 200 DC High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump

Tue, May 06, 2014 - 1:16:00

ST 200 DC High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump

We’ve had the 230v version available for some time, but now in stock is the durable and sturdy ST 200 DC High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump. Piusi originally designed the ST 200 for the mining industry in Africa, but after market demand called for it, they realised it was also applicable to many other heavy duty environments.

Comprising of four BP3000 pumps, the ST 200 DC fuel transfer pump benefits from a high flow rate of 185lpm; making it ideal for the refuelling of plant equipment and large vehicles. This portable pumping unit is available in 24v to deal with the absence of mains power often on construction sites and in the field.

Piusi are also introducing a new 1 ½” diesel delivery hose designed for use with this unit and other high capacity refuelling pumps. This lightweight, flat delivery hose is available in 10 or 20 metres and comes complete with 1 ½” aluminium cam lock for quick connection to the pump.