New extended sealant range - now including Loctite!

Fri, July 31, 2015 - 9:45:00

Introducing our new extended range of sealants – now including the industry leading brand, Loctite!

Here at Centre Tank Services we are pleased to introduce the new extended range of pipe sealants and engineering adhesives, as well as to announce that we are now a distributor of Loctite products – the well-known industry leading brand.

Previously, our sealant range included products from Loxeal, an industry equivalent for sealants and adhesives. But now, our range includes the market leading brand Loctite, which is often specified in technical drawings and engineering guidelines.  

Our complete range for sealing pipework and industrial fixing, still includes a Loxeal sealant, adhesive and thread locker, but we now have Loctite sealants (of mixed strengths) as well as a sealant activator. We have also added a brake and clutch cleaner to the range, for the cleaning of oily and greasy fittings, to use before the sealant is added – making us a one stop solution for engineering sealants and adhesives.

And finally, let’s not forget the addition of Nine-2-One, a deluxe PTFE tape. This unstretched PTFE tape has a 9:1 (approx.) usage ratio compared to standard PTFE, meaning that rather than wrapping it round nine times, just once is sufficient. Nine-2-One is also cost effective because it has approximately nine times more usage – meaning it’ll last longer than your standard PTFE tape. Other advantages of this deluxe tape, are that it doesn’t bunch and you can back off the fitting a little.

To view our full range, click here.