New campaign to encourage tank replacements

Wed, August 17, 2016 - 3:56:00

Campaign by OFTEC and FPS

Two of the top organisations within the heating oil industry – OFTEC and FPS – are currently working together on a new campaign, which aims to encourage oil users to replace ageing or damaged tanks. The campaign has come about after it was estimated that there are over 400,000 single skin domestic tanks that are still being used which are over 20 years old.

There are three main elements to the new campaign:

1 - New warning tags and stickers
2 - A tank awareness section on the Oilsave website
3 - An initial PR campaign

(1) These new tags and stickers will be distributed by OFTEC technicians and FPS members, and will be attached/applied to tanks deemed ‘at risk’ – (technicians and members will be briefed on when to hand the warnings out). Homeowners handed with a warning tag or sticker will also receive a user friendly postcard which will give them information on how to get advice on tank replacement from OFTEC technicians and FPS members.

(2) The new dedicated section on the Oilsave website will provide tank awareness information to homeowners, OFTEC technicians and fuel delivery drivers about the process of when warning tags or stickers, must be or have been, applied to tanks.

(3) The PR campaign will target local papers and radio stations in rural areas urging homeowners to have their oil tanks inspected and to replace tanks that are at risk.

Here at CTS we have a dedicated section on our website where heating oil matters are discussed, such as news related items and useful information for users and those storing/distributing oil. Specifically, this section includes ‘The Oil Tank Pack’ – an information brochure discussing the following:

• What you need to know about your tank
• Ensuring your tank is legally compliant
• How to inspect your tank and its surroundings, and what to look for
• Ensuring your oil tank is secure against theft
• Picking your supplier, ordering your fuel and having it delivered
• What you need to do in the event of an oil spill
• Servicing and repairing your oil tank
• How to maximise your energy efficiency
• Useful contacts and resources

Therefore, in relation to the joint campaign from OFTEC and the FPS, we explain in detail how to inspect your tank and what to do to ensure your tank is safe and legally compliant - so you can be well prepared and don't have to worry about getting a warning tag/sticker next time you have your tank inspected.

So for example, our heating oil information section explains that all new fuel storage tanks over 2500 litres, must have a bund or purpose built secondary containment of a minimum of 110% of the tanks capacity.

It also explains to look out for rust, cracks, splits, major dents, decolouration of the plastic and any areas of bulging – as these are all factors that can contribute to a serious leak/oil spill if ignored.

Furthermore, it is against the law to cause pollution, so if you ignore any of these irregularities on your tank (which goes onto cause a spill/leak), you will be held accountable.

So take a look, have a read, inspect your tank and be prepared.