Need to wash away flash flood remnants? Here’s how!

Mon, August 18, 2014 - 1:45:00

As most of you are aware, the weather of late has been very unpredictable. What with last weeks flash flood warnings and the downpour that ensued on Friday, there has been a lot of excess and unwanted water around. We all know that this can cause problems, whichever line of business you are in.

Here at Centre Tank Services we offer an efficient solution to aid you in getting rid of all this excess water. The Site Buddy Trash Pump is a heavy duty industrial water pump which can transfer dirty water and solid partcles of upto 25mm.

This dirty water pump can be used on a variety of sites due to its highly useful off road wheels and sturdy square frame. At 780 LPM , whether your field is flooded or there is an excessive amount of water on your site, the Site Buddy can help clean your debris away quickly and cleanly.