Introducing the new manual AdBlue pump from Piusi

Tue, May 19, 2015 - 9:35:00

A new Piusi AdBlue hand pump has been added to our AdBlue equipment range here at CTS.

With the use of AdBlue ever increasing, customers now want a reliable pump. AdBlue users have therefore stopped looking for a pumping solution that is the cheapest available option, and are now demanding for a product that’s reliable and quality made.

This new addition to our current large AdBlue equipment range is a lot higher in spec than previous hand pumps. This new product for pumping AdBlue is Italian manufactured and constructed from stainless steel, making it sturdy, durable and reliable. Not only this, but the pump has smooth operation and a new anti-crystallisation device in the spout.

Further features of this manual pump are that it requires no power in order to operate, has high suction capacity, is self-priming, has a flow rate of 38 litres per 100 revolutions and is constructed of wear resistant materials which have 100% chemical compatibility.

Included with the pump are a 2.5m delivery hose and a 19mm spout with spout stopper, which stops crystallisation from occurring – a common problem when dispensing AdBlue.

For more information, including technical specifications and a datasheet, take a look at the product page here.

This manual AdBlue pump was showcased on our stand at the FPS Expo just a few weeks ago and customers really liked it and were impressed with this new addition to Piusi’s AdBlue equipment range.