Interesting projects from the last year

Wed, April 23, 2014 - 12:09:00

One of our previous news stories discussed the ATEX pumps we have sold for use in a new refuelling bowser required for new racing regulations. This got us thinking about some of the other orders we have fulfilled over the last year or so, where the fuel dispensing and storage tank equipment that we have supplied has been utilised within an interesting project or by a well-known company!

Here are just a few of the ones we thought of…

•   Perhaps one of our most interesting projects was designing and supplying specially designed high flow diesel pumping units complete with absolute filters for refuelling military vehicles. Absolute filtration was an important aspect of the requirements, as downtime caused by a small amount of debris would be very costly to the military.

•   We supplied a Piusi Cube 56 diesel fuel dispenser and mounting accessories that was for use on one of the sites of a large UK broadcasting company to refuel their vans and off-road vehicles.

•   Equipment including a K500 preset meter was supplied that went to a leading Formula 1 racing team for the maintenance of their racing cars

•   An international children’s charity had a special hand pump kit designed for their requirements by our technical department

•   After an awful incident whereby a patient almost drowned after leaving the bath taps running, Spinsecure Tap Locks were supplied to a secure hospital unit as a safety precaution for all of the taps in the building.