CTS Website Launch

Thu, July 26, 2012 - 9:45:00

After months of solid work and the CTS marketing department dreaming of websites, the launch is finally here! Welcome to our brand new site! Customers are now able to place their orders online, as well as have instant access to all the latest product and technical information.

Despite only being launched today, we have already updated the site to add the Piusi Pitstop Diesel Pump – a sign of things to come! Centretank.com will be continuously updated, ensuring that it is home to all of the latest products from the fluid handling and fuel transfer industry. Please keep an eye on our New Products section - there is a good chance it may soon include a new Piusi petrol and kerosene pump (hint, hint!).

We want our customers to find the CTS site as informative as possible. Available for each product are instruction manuals and spare part downloads, helping you to find the products that are best for your application. You may also find it useful to add our News Page to your ‘favourites’ toolbar. This will keep you just a click away from all of the latest industry knowledge and company information.

And for all of our customers who have been waiting for our long-awaited catalogue, the launch of our website brings good news. With our website up and running, we will now be focusing our efforts on getting the catalogue out to you!

Happy browsing!