CTS Move into the Flammable Liquid Market

Mon, October 08, 2012 - 11:30:00

ATEX Pumps

As of 1st July 2003, the ATEX directive made it an EU mandatory requirement that equipment used within an “explosive environment” satisfies certain stringent criteria.  This means that if you are dispensing fuel within a risk area, an ATEX approved fuel transfer pump must be used to prevent sources of ignition.

This last year, our sales team have received an increasing amount of enquiries for ATEX pumps suitable for the transfer of petrol and kerosene. However, our range previously accommodated primarily for the diesel and oil market.

With the introduction of Piusi’s new ATEX certified equipment, Centre Tank Services’ have now expanded their product range to cater for the demands of the flammable liquid industry. Our portfolio of quality, Italian manufactured Piusi pumps now includes the ATEX Pump and the Drum version of this petrol transfer pump; a kit comprising a hose, nozzle, filter, drum connector, hose and telescopic down tube.

These low voltage ATEX fuel transfer pumps, ideal for dispensing flammable liquids are designed for:

Race/rally motorsport


Ground maintenance eg: lawnmowers

Forest tools

Gold course buggies

Boats/leisure craft eg: Jetskis

Refilling heating oil tanks when tanker access is difficult