Britain braces for hurricane Gonzalo

Thu, October 16, 2014 - 11:56:00

Flood alerts are in place in preparation for the storm travelling across the Atlantic Ocean towards Britain.

Hurricane Gonzalo is currently making its way across the Atlantic, spreading as far as Canada to Spain, in a weather system that is expected to wreak havoc. However, the spiralling area of low pressure which is currently just west of the UK isn’t going to be the “monster storm” some newspapers are making out, in fact it might not be as dramatic as first thought.

ITV News claims that ‘the reality is far less dramatic’ and that we are expected to have 5 days of unsettled weather, including rain, heavy showers and blustery winds. However, with the heavy downpours parts of the UK suffered over the past few days, the problem will lie with the already saturated ground, which along with the forecasted rain, could lead to flooding in parts of the country.

There are currently three flood alerts in place put down by the Environment Agency, two in the South East and one in East Anglia. However, flood alert information is updated every 15 minutes due to the weather forever changing, so to see if there are any flood alerts or warnings in your area, click here

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