A change to the Piusi AdBlue® equipment branding

Wed, April 16, 2014 - 3:03:00

In order to comply with UL standards that govern the US market, Piusi are changing up the branding of their AdBlue® equipment. To obtain the UL certification, a UL motor and a UL colour is required. As the previous white colour used on the AdBlue pumps wasn't UL compliant, Piusi have now changed it to a light whitish-grey. These changes have also helped to make their products more recognisable in order to combat the copies in the market that are similar in appearance.

The new Piusi SB325 AdBlue® nozzles and the coming-soon Piusi THREE25 AdBlue® pump kit are the first brand new products to be introduced with the new colour scheme; the UL compliant white, light grey and black instead of the previous white and blue. As well as newly released products conforming to this new branding, Piusi have also updated a lot of their existing range. Whilst the products internals all remain exactly the same, some of the Piusi industry renowned products will appear slightly different in their appearance. The Piusi AdBlue® membrane pump is now whitish-grey, and the hose tails and AdBlue® fittings that come with it have been changed from their previous white colour to black. The SEC connector has also been updated to be black and white rather than white and blue.

Please note that whilst Piusi have put the updated range into production, many distributors will still have the previous branded AdBlue® equipment in stock.