15 products perfect for mobile refuelling

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For many industries, the refuelling of vehicles and equipment isn’t as easy as driving up to a forecourt and filling up. Heavy duty environments, like those found in the farming, mining and construction industries, are often situated in remote locations meaning that mains power isn’t always available and refuelling is required at multiple locations across the site.

So how does a tractor refuel when out ploughing its field? What does a haul truck do if it runs out of fuel at the bottom of the quarry? And how does an excavator refuel in the middle of a busy construction site? The answer… they’d all use mobile refuelling equipment! Available in many forms, this equipment is specifically designed for use in off-road locations and heavy duty environments where mains power is unavailable. With options ranging from battery operated kits, to rotary hand pumps, we thought we’d put together this guide on 15 products perfect for mobile refuelling!

Battery operated refuelling kits 

This type of portable diesel fuel transfer pump works by connecting the pump to a vehicle’s battery using the cables and clips provided in the kit. By connecting the two together, the pump is able to draw power from the vehicle, meaning it can operate and dispense successfully.

Our range of portable fuel transfer pumps have been specifically designed for dispensing from drums or small tanks to refuel vehicles and machinery. Popular within the agricultural, mining and construction industries, these fuel pumps and mobile refuelling kits come in 12v and 24v options, allowing you to choose the right voltage for the batteries in your fleet. And don’t worry if you don’t need a full refuelling kit – these pumps are also available to purchase on their own for you to integrate into an existing tank or bowser.

See the available battery kit options we have on offer, below:

1. Piusi BP3000 Battery Kit – renowned in the industry for its quality and reliability, this is one of the most popular 24 and 12 volt fuel transfer pumps around. This kit includes a Piusi Self 2000 nozzle, a suction strainer for filtering out large debris and a carry handle for easy transportation.

2. Piusi Bi Pump Battery Kit – another high quality fuel transfer pump in 12v and 24v from the industry recognised brand ‘Piusi’. This battery kit has a higher flow rate of 80lpm for refuelling larger vehicles more quickly – perfect for combine harvesters and large construction equipment. 

3. Piusi Panther DC Battery Kit – a 24v and 12v diesel transfer pump from quality Italian manufacturer Piusi. Available in dual voltage to enable use with both 12v and 24v vehicle batteries – particularly useful for those who have a mixed fleet of 12v and 24v vehicles. Comes equipped with a Piusi Self 2000 nozzle, a strainer for removing large debris and a handle to make movability as easy as possible. 

4. Piusibox – this quality pre-assembled kit from Piusi comes in a sturdy carry and storage box – easy to move from one refuelling location to another, whilst also protecting the pump and other components against dirt and contamination – often common when out in the field. This 24 and 12v fuel transfer pump also comes with a locking vantage foot valve, which prevents dripping and mess caused by moving the suction hose in and out of the fuel drum.

5. Piusi Drum Pump Kit – a complete refuelling solution designed specifically by Piusi for dispensing diesel from a drum. This quality pump kit comes with a quick coupling for easy moving of the kit from one drum to another, and comes in a number of versions with differing voltages and flow rates.

6. Piusi Pitstop – this sturdy dispensing unit from Piusi contains 2 x BP3000 pumps and an integrated 14m hose reel, with hose stop and adjustable arms. The pumps in this kit allow a good flow rate of 45lpm to be maintained across 14m of delivery hose, making it ideal for harsh refuelling environments where access to the vehicle or machinery is difficult.

7. Piusi ST 200 DC – a high flow, battery operated portable refuelling unit from quality Italian manufacturer Piusi. This pump kit contains 4 x BP3000 pumps, allowing a flow rate of 185lpm to be achieved – perfect for the filling of large vehicles and machinery. Two carry handles make for easy transportation and there’s the option to add a Piusi K700 Flow Meter and a Piusi A280 Nozzle to be added.

Engine Driven Transfer Pumps

This type of portable diesel fuel transfer pump are self-contained fuel pumps which run off an integrated engine, usually powered by petrol, diesel or LPG. 

These compact, portable and easy to use pumps are often made from hardwearing materials to cope with the harsh environments they are designed to be used in. They are also only for use in outdoor environments and away from enclosed areas, which is where mobile refuelling is likely to take place

As part of our mobile refuelling range of pumps, we have the below engine driven option available:

8. Honda Engine Diesel Driven Pump – this is a quality, reliable and durable engine driven pump containing a Tsurumi pump head powered by a Honda GX25 4 stroke petrol engine. It has a steel base with rubber feet and a carry facility for portable use, and also comes equipped with a foot strainer. The option of adding a fuel nozzle is permitted, providing a pressure relief valve is brought and added to the pump.

Manual Hand Operated Fuel Transfer Pumps

This type of portable diesel fuel transfer pump are a cost effective alternative for refuelling when mains power is unavailable. Usually operated by a lever or rotor; rotary hand pumps work when the handle is rotated 360 degrees, and lever hand pumps work when the lever is pushed and pulled back and forth. By creating this motion continuously, fluid is drawn up the suction downtube and pushed out through a hose or nozzle. For rotary pumps, the average speed in which somebody can operated is usually around 30-40 revolutions per minute.

Most often used for dispensing from a drum and when there’s only small quantities of fluid to transfer, these hand operated fuel transfer pumps come in a variety of flow rates, operating mechanisms and body materials.

See a selection of the manual hand pumps we have to offer, below: 

9. Piusi Premium Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pump – smooth operation, quality constructed internals and a grooved locking mechanism are just some of reasons why this rotary pump is premium! Users can choose from pump only or the version that comes with 3m hose. Based on 30-40 revolutions per minute, this rotary hand pump can dispense up to 15 litres per minute.

10. Semi Rotary Diesel Transfer Pump – a popular choice for many due to its reliability and low cost, as well as its availability in a number of sizes and differing flow rates. Commonly installed onto portable tanks and bowsers, these mobile refuelling pumps are constructed from sturdy cast iron and has back plate lugs for easy mounting. Based on 30-40 revolutions per minute, this pump can dispense from 6 up to 65 litres per minute.

11. Hi Flow Lever Hand Fuel Transfer Pump – designed for the dispensing of fuel from storage tanks and other containers, this manual diesel pump has a high flow rate making it suitable for transferring large volumes of fluid. It comes with a 3 part rigid suction downtube, 20mm straight dispensing spout and 1000mm delivery hose.

12. High Flow Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pump – a cost effective solution for manual dispensing from a drum where high flow rates need to be maintained. Popular for transferring fuel from one container to another, this pump has a maximum flow rate of 40 litres per minute.

13. Cast Iron Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pump – an economical and simple solution for manual dispensing from a drum. A popular choice for transferring fuel when cost effectiveness is important and when no mains power is available. This fuel pump has a maximum flow rate of 310ml per revolution, meaning you should generate around 9 - 12 litres per minute.

Mobile Refuelling Accessories

Two handy accessories for mobile refuelling pumps are the Piusi Pump Carry Frame and the Pump Carry Frame Kits. By fixing your pump to a frame or plate, you will not only be protecting your equipment but you’ll also make it easily transportable. 

14. Piusi Pump Carry Plate Kit – Perfect for keeping your pump kit tidy and making it easy to move around with you. This frame comes with a reusable heavy duty cable tie for fastening the fuel hose neatly to the carry handle, so that the hose doesn’t move or cause a trip hazard when moving around. Recommended for use with the Panther and Bi Pump range.

15. Small Pump Carry Frame Kit – constructed from heavy duty steel framing to encase the pump, designed to protect it from damage whilst also providing a carry facility. This frame also comes with a heavy duty cable tie for tidying up the hose to make manoeuvring easy and hazard free. Recommended for use with the Panther and Bi Pump range.

And voila… 15 products perfect for mobile refuelling! So whether you’re just starting out, need to upgrade some equipment or just want to try something new – use the above information as a guide to seeing what equipment best suits your needs. And for those of you who are still aren’t sure, don’t be shy, drop us an email or give us a call and we can help you find the right solution for you.


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