13 Products to Avoid a Refuelling Disaster!

Tue, April 17, 2018 - 8:21:00

Products to Avoid a Refueling Disaster

If you work within the fuel storage and refuelling industry, having the necessary products in use is important to prevent any disasters from happening. For those that don’t have the necessary equipment for use in the industry, there are three main types of problems that can occur:

  • Pollution caused by overfilling
  • Theft and/or loss of fuel
  • Costly down time and damage to your pumps, vehicles and equipment

These problems are inconvenient, often cost a lot of money to resolve and cause quite a bit of hassle.



So how do you avoid a disaster?

To prevent these problems from happening, we’ve put together a guide which includes 13 products to consider getting that will be beneficial in preventing pollution, fuel theft/loss of fuel and costly downtime and damage. 


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