Prevent downtime and hassle with the Piusi Pump Service Kits

Thu, Jul 9, 2020

Save yourself (and your customer!) time, cost and hassle later down the line by buying a Piusi pump and the pump service kit at the same time!

Piusi Pump Service Kits

Everyone knows that Piusi products are original, quality, Italian manufactured and because of this they have a long service life! But just like brake pads or tyres on a car, unfortunately nothing can last forever and wearing parts will eventually need replacing.

Service Kit

So, when it comes to your Piusi fuel pump such as a Panther 56, Bi-Pump or E120 fuel transfer pump, there will come a time when the wearing parts such as vanes and springs need replacing! And let’s not forget about the o ring, as this almost always needs replacing when the pump head comes off to replace the vanes… as it’s unlikely that you’ll get the o ring back on, due to the swelling that takes place over time when in contact with the fuel. So how do the service kits save you and your customer time and money when brought at the same time as the pump…

So why buy the Piusi spares upfront?

Well now we know that Piusi pump spare parts will eventually be needed, it’s always best to be prepared right? Not only do purchasing the Piusi pump service kits at the same time as the pump benefit the user of the pump, but it also benefits you as the reseller...

Service Kit Hierarchy Infographic

For resellers, it ensures you get the extra order there and then. If you just sold the pump, there’s every chance that your customer will go and purchase the pump spares from a different supplier if they forget where they originally purchased their pump from originally.

You’ll also avoid the time and admin work involved in ordering individual Piusi parts as and when they are needed by your customers. By selling the Piusi pump AND the service kit at the same time, you’ll be preparing the customer for when the spares are needed, saving them coming back to you in desperate need of a low value, time consuming spare parts order.

For end users, by buying the service kit at the same time as the Piusi pump, the necessary spare parts will be on site for when their service engineer needs them - ready to replace the wearing parts immediately! This will have the pump back up and running in no time at all, meaning no costly downtime, no not being able to refuel or refill for a couple of days, and no waiting around for a delivery!

Not only this, but by buying the pump AND the service kit at the same time, you’ll avoid having to pay a second carriage charge… one which can be relatively expensive when it involves such small items being sent such as Piusi spare parts, especially if required urgently! The CTS pump service kits are available to buy alongside the most popular Piusi diesel pump models.

The service kits available are...

Bi Pump Service Kit

Bi Pump Service Kit –


• Cover Plate O Ring
• Gasket
• 10 x Vanes

E80 120 Pump Service Kit

E80/E120 Service Kit –


• Gasket O Ring
• 7 x Vanes

Panther 56 72 Service Kit

Panther 56/72 Service Kit -


• Chamber Cover Gasket Kit
• 5 x Vanes
• 5 x Springs

Panther 90 Service Kit

Panther 90 Service Kit –


• Chamber Cover Gasket Kit
• 5 x Vanes
• 5 x Springs

So next time you’re ordering a Piusi Bi Pump, E80/E120 or Panther, think about adding a pump service kit to your order to save yourself (and your customer!) money and hassle later down the line.

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