AdBlue® Contaminated Diesel – The Issue

Tue, Sep 11, 2012

We all know how easy it can be to mistakenly put petrol into your diesel car, so it’s no surprise that a similar thing has been known to happen with AdBlue®!

Some vehicles come with safeguards to prevent this from happening, but for those that don’t there is a danger of miss-filling.

Accidently dispensing AdBlue® into your vehicle’s diesel tank can cause some quite serious problems. AdBlue® is designed for the exhaust system, not the engine, and therefore many parts of the fuel line are not compatible with the urea based fluid. Contaminating your diesel with AdBlue® can result in costly engine repairs and the need to replace filters, not to mention the fact that the tank needs to be drained and the contaminated product needs to be disposed of!

AdBlue misfiling

New from Piusi is a solution! the range of plastic, automatic AdBlue® nozzles includes a version with a magnetic miss-filling device. This nozzle only dispenses urea into the vehicle’s tank, when the magnetic on the end of it comes into contact with the other half of the magnet, which is inserted into the AdBlue® tank fill point.

The version of this AdBlue® nozzle that comes with magnetic spout, retails at around £200, and can prevent the hassle, money and expensive downtime period that an easy, yet costly mistake can cause.

For a more indepth guide to the problem and solution to accidentally putting AdBlue in your diesel tank, read here.