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Fuel theft round up – Thefts on the rise now the nights are drawing in

Thu, October 29, 2015 - 12:28:00

9th September – Wiltshire Times

Thief faces jail term after a string of offences

Ali Gocmen, 22, of Holt, is facing time in jail after admitting to several criminal acts.

Appearing at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday (8th), it was heard that on June 12th Gocmen had stolen a quantity of red diesel; he then, on July 31st, attempted to steal more fuel whilst also damaging a VW golf and driving a transit van dangerously on the A365; and finally, the defendant drove without due care and attention in Bristol on August 12th – all of which he has admitted to.

Judge Tim Mousley QC said: “You have pleaded guilty to a number of serious matters which you know will result in a prison sentence, the only matter is how long that prison sentence will be.”

The case was adjourned and Gocmen was remanded in custody and given an interim driving ban.


9th September – Oxford Mail

Residents rally round theft-hit Hill End

Outdoor learning centre – The Hill End Centre – that gives children and adults the chance to experience the outdoors, has received enough donations to replace their stolen equipment worth thousands of pounds.

Amongst the stolen equipment were chainsaws, strimmers, maintenance tools and diesel – and with thanks to the £5000 worth of donations, they can now order replacements. However, volunteers at the centre near Farmoor, have asked for an extra £1700 to be donated so that security at the centre can be improved before replacements are brought.

Chairwoman of the Friends of Hill End, Lesley Williams said: “We wish to thank those who have donated towards replacement equipment.”

To make a donation to the centre, please email: friendsofhillend@gmail.com


18th September – Milton Keynes

Five people have been arrested following a police raid on a caravan site – as part of operation Dovetail.

Red diesel and a generator, along with mobile phones, electronic devices, air weapons, boxed toys and keys, were all seized during the raid at Willen Caravan Site, in Willen Road, Newport Pagnell.

Det Insp Matt Darnell, leading the operation, said: “This was a really successful operation. A number of items were seized and we hope this sends out a clear signal that any kind of theft will not be tolerated.”

All those arrested are from Milton Keynes. Details on the arrested are below:

A 38-year-old man – on suspicion of theft of motor vehicle and possession of a weapon when prohibited for life.

A 42-year-old man – on suspicion of two counts of theft of a caravan, and theft of toys.

A 40-year-old woman – on suspicion of two counts of theft of a caravan, and theft of toys.

A 22-year-old man – on suspicion of two counts of theft of a caravan, one count of theft of vending machines and one count of theft of toys.

A 36-year-old – on suspicion of theft of motor vehicle and theft of pallets.

Anyone with any information relating to stolen items or vehicles, should call Thames Valley Police on 101.


1st October – Sleaford Standard 

Diesel thefts rife in the Lincolnshire area

In the past two days, there have been two reported diesel thefts within 6 miles of each other.

In the first incident, a large quantity of diesel was stolen from a number of Lorries in a rural farm area in Billinghay. The theft is believed to have occurred sometime overnight between 11pm on Wednesday 30th September, and 2:30am on Thursday 1st October. Fuel caps on the Lorries were also damaged at the site.

The second incident involved theft of diesel from a farm on Digby Fen Road in Digby. Six fuel caps were damaged in the process of the thefts, and approximately 300 litres of diesel was stolen from each of the 6 Lorries.

If anybody has any information or anything to report, they are being asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 16 on 01/10/2015.


5th October – Morpeth Herald

Diesel siphoned from horsebox on farm in Tranwell near Morpeth.

The theft took place between 9am on Friday 2nd and 2pm on Saturday 3rd.

Anybody with any information is asked to contact the police on 101.


22nd October – Droitwich Standard

300-400 gallons of diesel siphoned in Droitwich fuel theft

The incident in Shernal Green, saw nearly 400 gallons of diesel stolen. The incident occurred when thieves raided an outbuilding and a workshop used for storing tractors. It is thought to have taken place sometime between 6pm on Sunday (October 18th) and 9am on Monday (October 19th).

Two padlocks were forced off during entry, and a locking cap was removed from a metal diesel tank. A quantity of hand tools were also stolen in the raid – however, some were left behind next to a sty, in a field the burglars were escaping through.

Any witnesses, or locals with CCTV which may prove helpful, are asked to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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