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Fuel theft round up for 15th August - 18th September

Thu, October 29, 2015 - 12:15:00

18th August – Dorset

Fuel theft from coach at Lodmoor Country Park

A coach driver is asking for better security measures at a car park in Weymouth after his coach had its fuel siphoned overnight.

Steve Brown, from Cheshire, regularly brings tourists to Weymouth & Portland on Group Travel Limited coach tours. He uses the Lodmoor Country Park car park – operated by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council – every time he visits, costing him £12 for each night he parks there. But Steve is now reluctant to visit the borough again after thieves’ siphoned fuel from his coach one evening last month, during an eight-day coach tour.

He said: “I only realised the fuel had been taken when I got behind the wheel one morning and discovered the fuel was on red.

“I knew I’d filled up the day before so at that point alarm bells started ringing in my head.

Steve who has been bringing people to Weymouth on tours for 6 years, says he is concerned that this will happen again, unless better security measures are put into place in the area.

The incident took place between 6 am on Wednesday 15th July and 6am the following day.

Dorset Police are aware of the incident and are asking anyone with any information regarding the theft to call them on 101 quoting occurrence number 049371.

30th August – Wales

Red diesel stolen from farm in Wrexham

Wrexham Rural Policing Team are seeking information following the theft of red diesel from Onnen Farm, Hall Lane, Penycae. The theft occurred sometime between Tuesday 25th at 23:00 hours to Wednesday 26th at 06:00 hours.

The offenders who are currently unknown and yet to be caught stole around 800-900 litres of red diesel from an external tank on the farm.

It is thought that the thieves’ wheel barrowed the fuel from the tank – and considering the large quantity taken, would have been on the premises for a long period of time.

Anyone with any information should call 101 and quote incident reference number RC15129915.

13th September – Cornwall

Angry boat owner hit twice by fuel theft in just seven weeks

Barry Wills from Scorrier, who keeps his yacht in Mylor Yacht Harbour, went two months ago to take his boat out only to find that the engine wouldn’t start.

Mr Wills said: “I looked at the fuel tank and it was completely dry."

After coming to the conclusion that the fuel had been siphoned from the tank, he took the boat out of the water to be painted – but it was when he decided to take it back out onto the water that disaster struck.

He said: “My wife and I went down there and the engine started and then it stopped suddenly.

"We were drifting towards the rocks and we couldn't do anything to stop it. I had to get the harbour launch to tow us back.

"The person who did it couldn't care less."

With just an apology from the harbour, Mr Wills took it upon himself to go and speak to other boat owners and now believes they were not isolated cases and that someone has been systematically stealing fuel from vessels around the harbour in short bursts.

A police spokesman said: “Our investigation is still continuing.”

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Information gathered from the following websites: Dorset Echo, West Briton & Wrexham.com.

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