Doing our bit to help with the Coronavirus response


Case Study Information

Customer: Facilities Management Company

End User: Public Health England

Date: 20th March 2020



Piusi received an email from a Facilities Management Company in the UK who were on-site at Public Health England experiencing some technical issues with their customer's Ocio tank level gauge. The customer reported that the Ocio's screen was reading 'out of range' on their diesel tank and were struggling to diagnose the issue.

Without the gauge working, the customer was unable to see how much fuel was left in the tank and with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and the importance of this site functioning normally, the customer's client was worried about unexpectedly running out of fuel and operation being halted.

Despite Italy being on complete lockdown, Piusi were still operating as normal (much to the surprise of the customer)! As their UK agent, the customer's email was forwarded onto our technical team to deal with and within the hour we were on the phone to them.



Noting the importance of their role during the current health crisis, this job was escalated to top priority! Sanj, one of our engineers, was out on the road to their client's site in Salisbury straight away.

On arrival, Sanj found that the gauge tubing had fractured where it entered the main tank.

The tubing and brass weight was replaced and reassembled, with tubing neatly routed using cable clips. After replacing these parts, the Ocio gauge was then showing a reading of 75%.

Customer feedback: "Just had Sanj come to site and I couldn't have been more impressed with the service. I got details from our tank level gauge and from that e-mailed Piusi in Italy. I didn't expect a phone call within the hour as I thought Italy was in lockdown because of the Coronavirus situation, but that's exactly what I had and Doug advised that Sanj was already on his way. Sanj diagnosed the fault straight away and fixed it with no fuss. On top of this because our site is heavily involved in the Coronavirus response CTS have carried out the visit FOC. As I say, very impressive."



“I couldn't have been more impressed with the service!”

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